Autumn in Upper Woods, St Edwards Park, Cheddleton, Leek

Directors Update 02.11.2022

Directors Update

Further to the update posted on 7 October, the appointed contractor for the external painting was unable to confirm a start date due to unforeseen delays. We are now at the point that the time required to issue S20 notices and the winter weather makes it impractical to commence work or appoint another contractor as the paint will not coat or dry properly in poor weather conditions. We understand how disappointing this is for residents and we are in the process of re-tendering so that the works can proceed in March/April 2023.

Internal painting, however, has been brought forward, with three contractors selected and appointed due to begin work in November 2022. Only 2 blocks will require S20 notices due to the costs of the works involved, and these will be issued ASAP to prevent any delays.

Please note that members own apartment front doors and door frames are the responsibility of the Lease owner according to Para 2(A) of the seventh schedule and Paragraph 3:1. Residents are welcome to speak to the contractors about their doors/door frames. The front doors and service cupboard doors are included and will be painted.

We have tendered early for the grounds maintenance contract which to enable time to assess service level provision prior to the expiry of the existing contract on 24 April 2023. Further updates will be provided in due course.

I am pleased to confirm that the playparks are fully operational following the replacement of the duck on East Drive and making good the floor in Willow Drive.

The vandalised gate from Willow Drive play park has now been repaired and reinstalled.

Members Meeting

The directors are meeting on 18 th November to review the 10-year plan commissioned to assist in the planning of future maintenance works and for setting service charge budgets. Following this, we are looking to organise a residents meeting to provide updates and field questions, and this will potentially be at the Rugby Club on Sunday 20 th November. Final date and time will be notified ASAP.

One of the residents, Katherine Cooke, has secured a Christmas Tree to go in front of the main building which will be funded by voluntary donations to a Go Fund Me page “St Edwards Park Christmas Tree”. This is outside of the management company responsibility, and the directors would like to express their sincere thanks to Katherine and her family for organising this.

The Rugby Club have notified us that they are still experiencing problems with dog fouling on the pitches. They recognise that this is likely due to dog walkers who do not live on St Edwards Park. They now have CCTV installed on the ground and will be pursuing dog fouling with a £1000 fine. If you do witness any such dog fouling, please notify the Rugby Club directly.