Repair to lights in clock tower, V Salt

Right Light, Right Time, Right Place

After a resident shared a photo of the clock tower with only a couple of faces illuminated (and the time only correct once a year), LSS Electrical Ltd were instructed to take a look at the clock. Access to the tower was through a loft hatch in one of the apartments in St Edwards Hall. The engineer, James, reports that it was ‘remarkable to see the clock mechanism and very exciting’.

The time hadn’t been set on the clock for a few years so he was able to set about repairing this too whilst up there. He checked and lubricated the clock mechanism and set the time on the master clock, clock faces and set the automatic timer to British Summer Time. After looking at the illumination of the clock faces he found poor contact to the batten lamps. All 8 batten lamps and condensers were then replaced and voila – let there be light!

Clock Tower Repairs Outside, V Salt