Red Kite, St. Edwards Park, Cheddleton, J Clough

Directors Update 24.09.2022

This is the Directors update for September. Both play areas are now up and running. Phil and Barb had volunteered and gone in to the Willow Drive play park to clear away the leaves and muck from the ground and made area safe. The replacement Duck on East Drive is taking a while re installation due to keeping costs down but should be installed soon now.

The Contractor to do both internal and external painting work is to start on 3rd October. There has been a frustrating delay with this due to the agreeing of costs happening just as previous Board finished; this caused a delay then with contractor who had to take on other work until this was decided.

Overdue Debts were reviewed and are reducing. 

Suzanne Lawson stepped back as a director and the board co-opted Carl Evans to fill the position. Carl was nominated very recently in last round of votes and was next ‘in line’. We all thank Suzanne for stepping up and the voluntary time she had put in.

Woodland Management – Phil & Andrea Walker have sponsored 12 bird boxes which have been bought from a local man. We will be setting up a work party in October to put the boxes up on deciduous trees in lower & upper woods. Volunteers would be appreciated.

The three-fold work on rooves and gutters should be continued next week with the cherry picker back on site.

There are a number of paving stones around St. Edwards Hall that need replacing and should be completed in next few months.

A Surveyor has been engaged to set out work required for a 10 year plan. This plan has now been received and the Board will have a separate meeting in next couple of months to look at this. 

Barb Davis has typed up the schedule and details for the grounds according to specifications from previous Park tenders. We agreed to use the schedule to ask Company’s to tender as soon as possible, ready to start in April 2023. The grounds are looking good and a number of members preferences have been addressed too.

Work is due to start on the summer house off the top of Willow Drive. This will be used as a ’template’ for structural repairs for the remaining summer houses.

The new intercoms are now all finished and will be tidied up after a short period of use/testing ie filling gaps and sealing them where the old units were larger.

Members Meeting

Many Members seem happy with the monthly updates from directors and all directors will make an effort to provide information from their areas for the website and Facebook page. A date will be arranged for a Members meeting mid/late November.

There are also a number of other works requests that are addressed relating to individual properties that are not reported which includes many conversations, visits and research by the volunteer Board of Directors.